5# Papua New Guinea

5# Papua New Guinea
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This is for 5 lb of unroasted, green coffee

Papua New Guinea

Dry Aroma – Earthy, cherries, chocolate
Wet Aroma – Caramel, Earth, chocolate, sweet fruit
Acidity – medium lemon
Body – light to medium, Juicy
Balance – well balanced
Flavor – strawberry, earth, hint if baker’s chocolate and lemon
Aftertaste – baker’s chocolate and lemon. As it cools the lemon and caramel get rowdy and kick the strawberries and chocolate off the truck.

Overall – Good coffee, very clean. It definitely has the character of an Indonesian coffee, but with some sweetness. I like that the earthiness doesn’t overwhelm the fruit, but is still there for those who like the classic “fall leaves” character.


Suggested roast level C - C+


Saturday, 08 August 2015
This is a very good example of a Sumatran, with flavors of berry, leather, cocoa, and that funky Indio taste in the background that is hard to explain but easy to find in the cup. Roast level city in RK drum, I found it far better on day 5 post roast, with a heavy body developing after day 4. This is a fine bean, an exceptional blender with every bean I paired it with. Curtis
Curtis Scheelk
Friday, 31 July 2015
Oredered 10# of this just based on the descriptors. I must confess I was curious about "huckleberry chocolate." Roasted a batch to C+. WOWSER!!!! what a great Sumatra find. Definetly the cleanest I have ever had, true to cupping notes. It had just enough Sumatra funk, but doesnt taste like dirt. Would have to agree with Larry about it being the best Sumatra in recent memory. Thanks much, better git you some....
Michael Lee
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